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"It's Fair To Say I Left A Happy Man With A Skip In My Step"- Theatre Review: Urinetown @ Nottingham Arts Theatre

For one weekend only, Musicality’s production of the dystopian Urinetown: The Musical is live at the glamourous Nottingham Arts Theatre. This production is sure to raise a few hairs on the back of your neck, but is it Musicality’s powerhouse performance, or just the nippy theatre interior bringing audiences out in a shiver? Big-coat-owner Tim Ovenden wagers his thoughts. Despite a frankly off-putting title, Urinetown: The Musical rarely stains its audience with toilet humour (for better or wors

Sex On Film: Necessary Or Superfluous?

Whether you’re singular or a mingler this Valentine’s Day, Tim Ovenden propounds you read on. A question will be asked: sex scenes – yay or no way? One thing’s clear, this could get racy. Picture the scene. You’re sat around the box with the fam tucking into a hot, new drama. It’s an engaging watch and good fun is being had by all, when suddenly two characters start kissing. ‘Get your kegs off,’ someone might say. Then off the onscreen kegs fly, so you all hastily avert your eyes and wait for t

Charli XCX: In Review

Is Tim Ovenden a Charli XCX superfan? No, he couldn’t get through five minutes of her BBC Radio 1 podcast without losing interest. Does he consider her music to be the most boundary-pushing pop of the 21st century? Some of it he does. Has he listened to all of her albums? Why yes, he has. Good, that’s the only requirement needed to rank them. With Charli XCX’s new album looming on the horizon (‘Crash’ – 18th March 2022: save the date), the fanbase is split over which direction the popstar is go

Movie Runtimes: How Long Is Too Long?

How long is too long? Does length matter? How long should it last? No, this isn’t an advisory sexual health page (although if it was, my answers to all three would be ‘it depends’). No, instead, Tim Ovenden examines the running times of movies, hoping to conclude the *ahem* perfect length. As someone who recently sat through all 3 hours and 54 minutes of the dismal Chinese drama An Elephant Sitting Still, there is no better person for the job. With recent movies like Dune and No Time to Die pus

Impact Reviews Recommends The Classics

As seen in our latest print edition, Impact’s Reviews team have come together to review their favourite classic films and albums. Describing MGM’s The Wizard of Oz as timeless would not be strictly accurate – the use of painted backdrops and smoke-and-mirrors effects exposes this film’s 82 years. Despite many newer, shinier versions that have threatened to overthrow it, the film remains the most beloved adaptation of Baum’s novel of all time, thanks to the surprisingly grounded and universal na

A Year Of Film 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, Impact’s Reviews Team share their thoughts on some of their favourite films of the year, featuring The Green Knight, The Mauritanian, Spencer, Gunda and Dune. If you were waiting eagerly for a surrealist take on a 14th century tale of Chivalry, then The Green Knight is perfect for you. If, by some strange set of circumstances, you were not waiting for that, I would still highly recommend this film. Stylistically one of the most interesting of the year, I found myself t

A Year Of Music 2021

As 2021 draws to a close, Impact’s Reviews Team have come together to give their thoughts on their favourite albums of the year, featuring releases from MARINA, Inhaler, Dean Blunt, Architects, Tinashe, Jazmine Sullivan and Chase Atlantic. After her underwhelming 2019 album ‘Love + Fear’, ‘Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land’ proves MARINA still has her effervescence. The punchy, philosophical title track sees MARINA sets out her belief in a rebellion against the status quo. Venus Fly Trap gives po

“Maids Heard The Goblins Cry: Come Buy, Come Buy [tickets to this show]”- Theatre Review: Goblin Market @ NNT

Two girls, Laura and Lizzie, fight fear and temptation as dark things lurk in the woods. Like the delicious fruit the titular goblins’ sell, Christina Rossetti’s poem Goblin Market is ripe for the adaptation at the hands of the Nottingham New Theatre. Tim Ovenden was there to see it. I have never understood the appeal of front row seats at theatres. Yes, I want to be able to clearly see the stage, but no amount of visibility is worth the risk of awkward eye contact with actors’ mid-performance.

"Ever Felt Born In The Wrong Decade? The Past Is Not Quite As Glamourous As It Seems" - Film Review: Last Night In Soho

Eloise (Thomasin McKensie) is a quiet girl from a small village with dreams of becoming a major fashion designer in the big city. She also sees the ghosts of dead people, for some reason…Tim Ovenden gives Last Night in Soho the onceover. First year of study at the London College of Fashion looms and the stage is set for the thrills and spills of Uni life. A psychic, snidey roommate and impending deadlines play second fiddle when ghosties and ghoulies start to takeover day to day life for Eloise

“Solid If Unremarkable… A Fitting Send Off For This Version Of Bond” - Film Review: No Time To Die

Over a year and a half after its scheduled March 2020 release, before the world went to pot, the fifth and final instalment in the Craig Bond saga No Time to Die stumbles into cinemas. Tim Ovenden, rampant loather of Bond staples like expensive cars and sickening patriotism, has perhaps been ill-tasked with the role of reviewing a Bond title, but he will nonetheless give it a go. Bond is back, and he’s looking older than ever. But coming off the back of retiring in the epilogue of Casino Royale

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